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When Local Pure began to take shape, the ease and benefits of working with local suppliers was quite naturally the way forward. Labour in Montreal is excellent when it comes to creating products. It’s a creative workforce given its cosmopolitan and multicultural background, and considering that it has always been at the forefront of conscientious trends. In short, this was an obvious and natural choice for the creation and manufacturing of our products. Moreover, delivery times are shortened and our products can therefore be handled with the utmost care over shorter distances. This obviously makes it possible to conserve the goodness of our products and enhance the natural ingredients they are made of, thereby bringing out the best of Local Pure’s expertise.


Local Pure products are natural and cruelty-free. They are completely devoid of synthetic ingredients, artificial colouring, aroma or preservatives. We only use simple and natural ingredients to create our hand-crafted products.


Local Pure products ensure that your skin gets the safe and gentle treatment it truly deserves.


At Local Pure, we are committed to creating a positive and lasting impact for society today and tomorrow. This is why our company partners with L’Étoile de Pacho, which supports and helps parents of disabled children. This cause is particularly close to our heart because we know that investing in it brings concrete results to those around us. We have personally witnessed this.


On each of your purchases with Local Pure, we will donate 1% of the profits to this organization.


For more information, visit the website:

L’Étoile de Pacho

L’Étoile de Pacho
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